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Vacuum lifting device GAGC for small roof and wall panels and glass plates

Application: lifting and transporting (sandwich) roof and façade panels, corrugated sheets, glass sheets, window frames with glass.

1. With one or more suction cups
2. With extendable bottom frame (traverse)
3. Suction cup set t.b.v. Joris Ide roof tile panels.
4. Suction cup set t.b.v. Kingspan tile panels.
5. Suction cup set t.b.v. wave panels.
6. Electric remote control with 3.5 meter “spiral cable”
7. Radio remote control.

Folder Vacuum lifter GA in NL

Vacuum lifter type GA
Vacuum lifter type GA is a compact “stand alone” vacuum lifter with a capacity of up to 500 kg. Depending on the version! The suction cup (pin) can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 90 degrees degrees. The vacuum lifter is equipped with a 12 vdc battery system, with battery condition meter, a built-in charger 220volt and an automatic controlled vacuum pump. This allows the vacuum lifter to be used anywhere and anytime. Standard equipped with a sliding crane with safety lock for suction and aeration of the suction cups. Optionally, an electric or radio remote control is possible. The vacuum lifter is equipped with a lifting eye and can be hooked to a crane, forklift or other hoisting device, and includes hook points for.b a fall protection or lifting belts. This vacuum lifter is built according to the CE guidelines and meets the very latest requirements and standards (NEN 13155) with optical and acoustic signaling.


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