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We work hard to offer you the best vacuum lifters

Vacu Stone Lift has its origins in the natural stone sector, after which the experience gained has been successfully applied in other sectors. Since its foundation in 1970, Vacu Stone Lift has grown into a well-known player on the market, which has product development, production and maintenance under its own management. Our broad program can be used anywhere. For your specific wishes, we think along with you and deliver a tailor-made solution. In the context of safety and modernization, we are continuously working on improving our products, so that you as a customer can always assume a safe and reliable product.

Our Company Continues to Develop

Looking for something new? Vacu Stone Lift makes it possible for you. We are working daily on innovations and innovations in the field of lifting equipment, both horizontally and vertically. Contact us, we are happy to look at the latest developments together with you.

Vacu Stone Lift has more than proven to meet the objectives in recent years. Through constant development and improvement of the equipment, in which the own company as a practice-oriented test area is an important support, the ‘vacu-stone-lift’ has become a professional tool that can no longer be ignored in modern transport. The many satisfied users in our own country, but also far beyond our borders, testify to this.

Our Team

Our team is ready to serve you.

Franklin Huijsen

Vacuum lifters Sales

Melissa Huijsen

Managing Director

Jhorman Rios

Operations Manager
Vacuum lifters Sales


Planner Inspection,
Repair and Maintenance

Mario de Boer

Warehouse manager
Purchase of materials

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