Transport cart for countertops type AK

Transport cart AK
This is a special cart for transporting and placing heavy countertops in a safe but above all in an ergonomically responsible way. The support frame is adjustable in length and height and can be tilted effortlessly manually.

Folder Vacuum lifter AK in NL

The countertop cart is provided with demountable UProfiles mounted on the carrier flag. The UProfiles are equipped with bearing slide rollers so that it is even easier to slide the counter top off the support frame. The sliding rollers protrude just above the support frame. There are 2 versions:
1. Carrying top of 60 cm wide.
2. Carrying top of 90 cm wide.
Load capacity: Max 300 KG
Sizes: A: Max 250 cm W: Min 150 cm C: 101 cm D: 89 cm
Tilt range: Approx. 80°
Order number:
AK00150VH00RN 60 cm
AK00155VH00RN 90 cm


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