Lifting 0KG to 40.000KG? No problem, we have the right tool for your lightweight and heavyweight products, lifting horizontally and vertically. Vacu-Stone-Lift’s vacuum lifters are suitable for materials such as: concrete, ceramics, glass, wood, plastics, metal or stone.


Looking for something new? Vacu-Stone-Lift makes it possible. We are constantly working on new developments and innovations for our lifting devices. Contact us, we would love to help you out with some new developments.

To Development


Technical failure or defect? Our mechanics are ready for you. We do repairs for all vacuum lifting devices. Make sure to make an appointment for your yearly checkup, we’ll make sure your lifting device keeps working well, safe en reliable.

Vacuüm lifters

Lifting heavy objects with minimal personnel. We make it possible! Vacu-Stone-Lift’s vacuum lifters are the solution for all your lifting. Suitable for lifting big blocks of stone, large slabs and plaques, doors, beams and glass.

One man’s work

Vacuum lifts work with suction cups that suck themselves onto an object. Only the best suction cups are suitable to get the job done. Our equipment can be mounted on forklifts, shovels, or simply hooked on any type of crane, manipulator or robot. Useful in industries such as Stone, Glass, Metal, Wood, Cardboard, Fiberglass etc. One person can easily operate the lifts.


We offer professional lifting devices such as the vacuum lift. Vast developments and improvements have insured the lifts to be essential in everyday transport. The next advantages can be achieved with one of Vacu-Stone-Lift’s systems:

  • Easy transport
  • One man’s job
  • No physical complaints by employees due to heavy lifting
  • No tiresome transport
  • With no damage


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